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General Membership​ 

Includes All Karate, Kobudo, and Aikido classes with unlimited access to the virtual dojo with on-demand recordings of the core curriculum 


  • Initial Registration Promo (Includes Dojo membership, Uniform, crest and Student Manual) $185 | Save $45

  • Dojo Membership: Unlimited Karate, Aikido, and Kobudo Classes $85/month, no contract

Family Discount 

2 Family members $171/month | Save 10%
3 Family members $242/month | Save 15%
4  Family members $305 | Save 20%

5 Family Members onward $50/month per additional member 

Other Programs

Yoga is $50/per month or $120/3 months 

Federation Dues (subject to change)

GBYR (Karate) $15/year beginner $30/year blackbelt Due May 1st

OKDR (Kobudo) $40/year Due Jan 1st

Isshinkai (Aikido) $0/Year


All prices are subject to HST

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