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Aikikai Aikido

Aikido, an art created in Japan by Morihei Ueshiba Sensei, translates to "AI" for harmony, "KI" for energy, and "DO" for the way, encapsulating its essence as the path to harmonizing energy.

Aikido seamlessly brings together practical self-defence techniques originating from Kenjutsu (sword techniques) and Jujutsu (supple techniques), making it a versatile method for confronting single or multiple attackers.

On the physical front, Aikido encompasses joint manipulation, throws, and ukemi (controlled falls). This art leverages the momentum of our partner, redirecting and managing it with finesse.


The mental aspect of Aikido practice involves cultivating concentration, focus, and intestinal fortitude. A calm mind is critical for executing smooth and effective techniques.

Regular and dedicated Aikido practice offers a dual benefit of self-defence proficiency and personal growth while nurturing the body and the mind.

Our Aikido class is proudly affiliated with Aikido Isshinkai, operating under the guidance of our technical director, Sensei Greg Angus of the Nakaima Aikikai in Toronto and taught by Sensei Rachelle Lamoureux and Denis Lapalme.


Our classes are conducted within the Tatami dojo, featuring cushioned flooring for a comfortable and safe training environment.

Aikido Classes

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Ages 12 and up


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