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What is Aikido

Aikido is a martial art developed and refined in Japan by Morihei Ueshiba. Aikido literally translates to:

 AI: harmony
KI: energy
DO: way

…or the way to harmonize energy.

Combining practical self-defense movements derived from Kenjutsu (sword techniques) and Jujutsu (supple techniques), Aikido is a unique method of self-defence equally adaptable against single or multiple attackers.

The physical side of Aikido involves joint manipulation, throws, and ukemi (taking a fall). We work with our partner’s momentum to redirect and control it. The mental side of Aikido practice involves developing concentration, focus, and calmness. If our minds are not calm, our techniques won’t be smooth or effective.

In our classes, we develop our bodies through vigorous and safe practice both through empty hand and weapons training. With regular and committed practice, Aikido offers the benefit of learning self-defense, as well as the opportunity to improve and enrich yourself both physically and mentally.


About Budoka Aikikai

Budoka Aikikai translates to “practitioners of the martial way through aikido”.

Budoka Aikikai has been operating in Sudbury for over 20 years and was officially founded in April of 2000. Classes began at the Sudbury YMCA, a successful program that lasted over 16 years. In January of 2016, Budoka Aikikai moved to its current location at 1177 Barrydowne Road in Sudbury inside Uchi Martial Arts in partnership with Sensei Alex Aubertin who runs a traditional Karate dojo.


Budoka Aikikai is a member dojo of Aikido Isshinkai Association and hosts many Aikido seminars with guest instructors from all over the world, such has Greg Angus Sensei (Naka Ima Aikikai, Toronto, Canada), Matti Joensuu Sensei (Kimusubi Aikido Dojo, Villach, Austria) and Dirk Müller Sensei (Shoshin Dojo, Hamburg, Germany), all of whom are students of Endo Shihan (Aikido Saku Dojo, Saku, Japan).

Aikido Classes

Class Times








Ages 14 and up


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