Sensei Alex Aubertin B.Ed, RMT  - Head Instructor


I began my martial arts practice in 1998 under Sensei Chuck Trahan in Japanese Goju Karate in Espanola Ontario.  In 2006 I moved to Sudbury in order to advance my career and began training at Oriental Arts Academy until its closing in 2016.  I currently hold the rank of 3rd-degree black belt in Japanese Goju Ryu and am an active student of both Sensei Chuck Trahan 6th Dan Renshi and Sensei Don Gauthier 9th Dan Hanshi.  


As the head instructor of Uchi Martial Arts, it is my goal to ensure all students continue to have an upwards progression in martial arts.  As Professor and Massage Therapist; I bring a wealth of knowledge in human anatomy, biomechanics, and body dynamics to effectively teach authentic self-defense techniques regardless of physical characteristics or limitations. 


It is my belief that martial arts should be taken by everyone simply to make a better version of who they already are.   I encourage you to take the hardest step in martial arts and come try a class.  It is not something that can simply be searched on the internet and have any real decision to be made.  

Everyone starts martial arts for their own personal reason but that reason is not usually the reason why they stay.  

I am proud of what this dojo has to offer and everything it represents.  We have an exceptional team of skilled, and knowledgeable instructors to help our students progress.  

Blackbelt instructors at Uchi Martial Arts

Sensei G. Pharand ~ 4th Dan Aikido ~ 2nd Dan Karate

Sensei B. Landry - 3rd dan ~ Karate

Sensei S. Leblanc 2nd dan ~Karate

Sensei C. Leblanc 2nd dan ~Karate

Sensei C. Lachapelle 2nd dan ~Karate

Sensei C. Gobbo 1st dan ~ Karate

Sensei E. Audette 1st Dan ~ Karate

Sensei S. Stephens 1st Dan ~ Karate

Sensei Abbott 1st Dan ~ Aikido

Sensei R. Lameroux 1st Dan ~ Aikido 

Sempai M. Belanger 1st Dan Karate

Sempai C. Rene 1st Dan Karate

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