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Bullied into white pajamas

Why start something like martial arts? Imagine for a second your 10 years old and like many 10 years old’s you are bullied. At first, it is harmless name-calling, avoidance at recess, laughed at. Then it gets physical pushed around what do you do... Eventually, you have to draw the line. Eventually, you need to say enough is enough.

Sound real? that’s because it is

This was the start of my story that got me into karate. a scared 10-year-old boy who eventually had to draw the line and this was the best decision of my life.

I walked into my first karate class terrified out of my life --- here I was an 80lbs kid walking into his first class. When I opened the door and looked inside everyone was wearing white pyjamas. Who do I talk to? what do I do? why is everyone yelling?

The Sensei stopped.... came over to me and asked me to join the class. I had a blast we kicked and punched for an hour! I knew I was hooked

But did the bullying stop? YES and very soon after.... But did I mention I never had to fight

So, What happened? Why did they stop picking on me? The answer is simple. Martial Arts changes who you are It changes how you walk, how you talk and how you think.

Here I was... The verdict was in... My life was changed forever all thanks to the white pyjamas


Here I am on the left at my first karate tournament

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